Specialists in deconstruction, Octiscapes are keynote speakers for building conferences and are recommended by the City of Vancouver as a point of contact for media and those interested in the deconstruction process.

Pre-1940's homes in Vancouver,  as well as any buildings along the Cambie corridor, or in First Shaughnessy, must be deconstructed. At minimum, 75% of the material must be diverted from landfill through recycling, reuse/salvaging, etc. This increased to 90% for homes deemed "character". According to the City of Vasncouver, "a home is most likely a character building is it was constructed before 1940 and has character features such as: the authentic or period massing, roof  form, front porch, exterior wall materials, window openings and frames and details."

The contractor of choice to have your deconstruction done right!

Waste diversion targets for mandatory deconstructions range from 75% to 95%. Whether it's through recycling, reuse, salvage or other diversion, Octiscapes always exceeds targets.