About Us

Octiscapes strives to engage with and improve our community and contributes to the development of deconstruction policy along with city councilors and sustainability specialists. At Octiscapes we focus on building and embracing relationships, providing leadership and delivering quality professional work. We pride ourselves on being an inclusive and socially forward equal opportunity employer.

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We look forward to working with you on your next project!

We do our work with a team of qualified heavy equipment operators and qualified pipework installers. We also partner with top construction companies across Vancouver and the GVRD. These companies form long-lasting and effective relationships with Octiscapes due to our quality of work, continuity of staff members, and fast turnaround on completion of work.

We are constantly evolving our innovative and in-house developed techniques to serve you better.  We get the job done right, providing consistent service and satisfied customers.

Octiscapes is a local general contractor specializing in deconstruction and house-raising. Our main focus is residential and commercial demolition, excavation, and drainage.

The premier deconstruction, demolition, excavation, and drainage company in the Vancouver area