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Developments requiring deconstruction must commit to diverting at least 75% of all building materials from the project (excluding hazardous or banned material). Octiscapes always achieves this goal. See our Waste Diversion Rates (under Services > Deconstruction tab at the top) for more information.

Octiscapes always provides a temporary water service for deconstruction to minimize dust as a consideration for neighbouring properties. We create and follow site-specific demolition plans, and submit Notice of Project to Work Safe BC for every deconstruction site. Octiscapes maintains an above average rating with Work Safe BC and is currently undergoing COR certification.

Deconstruction is the careful and systematic disassembly of a house (as opposed to demolition) so that wood and other materials can be separated, sorted and more easily reused and recycled.

As part of the Heritage Action Plan process City Council developed the Green Demolition By-law (By-law No. 11023). Homes built before 1940 are required to be deconstructed with a minimum recycling/diversion rate of 75%, increasing to 90% for character homes. All buildings in the Cambie Corridor and First Shaughnessy are mandatory deconstructions, regardless of age.

Penalties for failure to meet reuse and recycling requirements include delayed permitting and forfeit of the green demolition deposit ($15,000).

Octiscapes has developed an innovative method of machine deconstruction, which, unlike traditional manual deconstruction, is safer, faster, and more efficient, allowing developers significant time savings.  Octiscapes has successfully used this technique on everything from basic single family dwellings to multi-story commercial buildings in challenging locations.

Deconstruction waste is sorted by machine and hand into three categories: bio fuel, concrete/rocks, and metals. All deconstruction waste materials are sorted on site and loaded out to local recycling facilities.


At Octiscapes we pride ourselves on our safe, courteous and professional staff. All machine operators and drivers perform daily safety inspections and comply with all by-laws regulating use, route, noise, weight and load securement, Octiscapes always goes the extra step to ensure both public and worker safety and to minimize impact to adjacent properties. All staff are well trained in health and safety procedures and are always prepared with full personal protective equipment. Octiscapes staff are Traffic Control and First Aid certified.

Octiscapes has a long and successful relationship with the City of Vancouver, including contributing to the development of deconstruction policy alongside city councilors and sustainability specialists.


Deconstructing homes since 2011, we have perfected our craft over years of experience. Octiscapes always meets and exceeds waste diversion targets!

Our excellent track record ensures your job will be done right to avoid delays and penalties to your project.