Our fleet of KUBOTA excavators are fantastic machines tor tight spaces and lifting houses. Each machine has reduced radius and narrow width for maximum versatility. Kubota machines also removable canopies to accommodate height restrictions..

Custom Sifting Bucket -320

Custom made 3" sift bucket for separating concrete, rocks and blacktop

CAT 305.5

A mini-excavator with a pin grabber, dig buckets, a float blade and a hydraulic thumb,

CAT 314

Moves dirt, rock and debris with speed, precision and efficiency. Perfect for residential backfills and placing sumps.

CAT 308

A fixed boom machine that can lift loads overhead and allows for extreme proximity to the work area.

Skid Steer CAT 259

Fast and effective material handling over long distances. Excellent for compact spaces. Tracked machine with lower pounds per square inch than the wheeled version - making it gentler on your property!

Cat 320

With it's 6'7" tail swing, it works efficiently in tight spaces.

At 54,400 lbs it has plenty of grunt to demolish buildings or excavate deep holes.

Our suite of machines will suit any scale of project.  The smallest can fit through a doorway, and the largest can tackle huge jobs. We can even accommodate height restrictions!

Octiscapes owns and operates a range of machinery to meet your needs. Our small machines have removable roofs to accommodate height restrictions (especially valuable in house raising aka "lift and digs") and we can even crane our equipment into a site if needed! Octiscapes also does it's own trucking tandem axle roll-off trucks with both 40 and 20 cubic yard bins.

See below for a description of our key machines.


Proven compaction results with safer operation. Maneuverable, stable and high or low compaction force